Management Consulting Services

RMP LLC offers a broad array of management consulting services to help our clients operate efficiently and effectively with limited resources in a constantly evolving environment. Government organizations face increasing pressure to control spending while simultaneously improving services and strategic initiatives. We recognize leaders must manage their institutions for greater accountability, transparency, and spending effectiveness. We work closely with our clients to understand their organization’s internal processes, operating procedures, culture, objectives and mission in order to develop a customized approach, innovative solutions, and recommendations for improvement with a high degree of success. Our clients benefit from our staff’s in-depth knowledge in diverse disciplines as well as our commitment to provide meaningful services and products that meet or exceed their expectations. Management consulting services offered by RMP LLC are highlighted below.

Strategic Program Planning and Management
  • Review organizations’ goals and objectives
  • Evaluate organizational structure, roles, and responsibilities
  • Provide communication strategies for stakeholder outreach
  • Conduct market outreach, meeting and conference support
  • Analyze internal operations and processes
  • Assess strengths and weaknesses
  • Recommend best practices
Credit Advisory and Credit Scoring
  • Assess overall quality of agency portfolios
  • Prepare and evaluate program scorecards
  • Develop financial models to evaluate risk
  • Create indicators for reporting, tracking and providing results for review
  • Review and determine scoring for credit programs
  • Evaluate credit scoring implications and ensure compliance through transaction execution

Risk Management: Internal Controls
  • Assess existing internal controls
  • Identify potential areas of risks and fraud
  • Recommend solutions to minimize risk
  • Develop and document policies and procedures
  • Implement necessary controls to effectively pursue organizational objectives
Compliance Management
  • Provide technical assistance for compliance reviews
  • Prepare quality control plans and quality assurance plans
  • Develop management workflow and tracking systems
  • Create sampling methodologies
  • Conduct onsite reviews
  • Prepare analytical reports
  • Recommend monitoring strategies

Business Process Improvement
  • Review and develop recommendations for process improvements
  • Offer recommendations to streamline processes
  • Standardize the decision-making process
  • Streamline budget planning and execution process
  • Create handbooks identifying roles, responsibilities, and schedules
  • Develop training material and program guidance
  • Satisfy client reporting requirements
Financial Modeling and Data Analytics
  • Assess financial feasibility for financial transactions
  • Conduct portfolio analyses
  • Provide cost-benefit and cash flow analyses
  • Develop sophisticated models and tools for client support
  • Prepare data for client evaluation